atcampbell (atcampbell) wrote,

Job Search Results

Last week was interesting. I'd been interviewing heavily for about three weeks, but when I woke up Monday morning, I had no interviews scheduled nor any leads to follow. I was waiting to hear back from several recent interviews, so I just took it easy for a few days. I saw movies, met friends for lunch, shopped for a new tennis racquet, and did useful stuff around the house.

Then the job offers started to come in. By Friday morning I had three good offers, all for graphics programming positions in the Austin area. After a lot of consideration, I've just accepted an offer to join Stray Bullet Games. It will allow me to stay in the game industry, and I can continue to mix my technical and artistic interests. Their offices are a convenient driving distance from my house. I'll start my new job on October 16, the week after Midway's severance pay runs out. So the timing couldn't be better.

My personal network was a huge help in the job search process. Half of my interviews came from referrals from former coworkers. Friends in the science fiction community pointed me toward most of the rest, including the job I accepted. Your suggestions about MMO games were a valuable help in preparing for the Stray Bullet interview. The coffee shop suggestions were helpful in setting up another interview. Thanks to everyone who supported me during this period of transition.

Now I get two and a half weeks of free time, during which I don't need to worry about looking for a job. Yay!
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