atcampbell (atcampbell) wrote,

Easy TV Solution

The local NBC affiliate (KXAN) and my cable company (Time Warner Austin) couldn't reach an agreement by the time a contract expired last night, so Time Warner customers won't be able to watch NBC any time soon. I wasn't too thrilled about the prospect of missing SNL, Chuck, and Heroes. So I just went down to Radio Shack and picked up an inexpensive TV antenna. It was easy to set up. There are several immediate advantages:
  1. I get NBC
  2. I get CW in HD (why doesn't Time Warner show this?)
  3. I can now record two shows on DVR while watching a third (as long as it's on a broadcast channel)
  4. I can now watch TV if the cable goes out
Picture quality on the HDTV broadcast channels is comparable to cable (need further testing), but analog channels do not look as good as cable. Overall the antenna is well worth the $16.99 purchase price.
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