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New Fall TV Shows

This year I've sampled several of the new shows with sf/f content. Here's a quick take:
  • My Own Worst Enemy (Monday on NBC): Has possibilities. Christian Slater is an appealing lead. Basically it's True Lies: The Series.
  • Fringe (Tuesday on Fox):  No sympathetic characters. Too gross. Reminiscent of other shows I didn't like. Gave up 5 minutes into the second episode.
  • Life on Mars (Thursday on ABC): Strong pilot. Great cast. While the premise of the show is sf/f, not sure how much sf/f content will be in each episode.
  • Crusoe (Friday on NBC): Just watched a few minutes of the pilot. It looks great and has Sam Neill and Sean Bean. Story seems substantially  different from what I remember of the book. Not a great timeslot.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Friday on Cartoon Network): Gave up 5 minutes into the first episode. It's a series featuring everything I hated from Episodes 1-3, produced in a style of animation I find unattractive and hard to watch.
I've also recorded but not seen all 3 episodes of Sanctuary on SciFi. Any suggestions on whether it's worth watching?

And I should point out the drastic changes in Smallville (CW):  Most of the longtime supporting cast (including Lana and Lex) are gone, and it's effectively Lois and Clark: The Next Generation. It's been fun so far.

Any other new shows I should try?
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