atcampbell (atcampbell) wrote,

Halloween Weekend

My dog likes to greet trick-or-treaters, so I stayed in Friday night. About 50 kids visited us between 7 PM and 8:45. I saw one Iron Man costume, but otherwise costumes were old standards: skeletons, vampires, fairy princesses, Darth Vader, and Harry Potter. I asked the boy in the Harry Potter costume if he'd read all the books, and his response was "What books?"

I spent much of Saturday at the Texas Book Festival. First I saw the entertaining (and packed) interview of Christopher Buckley. He discussed his endorsement of Barack Obama, his resignation from National Review, and the fake concession speech he wrote for John McCain. And then he talked about his new book Supreme Courtship, a humorous story about a popular TV judge being added to the US Supreme Court. Buckley autographed for a long time afterward, and I managed to get some books signed. I then did some browsing in the exhibitor area and grabbed a gyro for lunch.

Later I visited the thriller writers' panel, which was held in the Texas Capitol in the Senate Chamber. Authors on the panel were Joe Lansdale (from Nacogdoches), David Liss (from San Antonio), Christopher Reich (from California) and Martin Clark (from Virginia). Despite having a lame moderator who asked worn out questions ("Where do you get your ideas?"), the panelists were interesting enough to keep us entertained.  I have all the recent Lansdale books, but I bought books from each of the other three and got them signed.

I did a little more browsing and then headed home. Later I had dinner with friends and saw the unfortunate end of the Texas/Texas Tech game.

Sunday's been a pretty quiet day of reading and laundry. I took time out to watch the latest Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode. I  enjoyed the episode, but wonder what fraction of its audience will get the Mad Men references in the second segment.
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