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After Christmas Update

I had a nice holiday visit with family in Sugar Land. We were busy giving gifts, preparing and eating good food, shopping, making a day trip, seeing an IMAX film, and celebrating three family birthdays within a week of Christmas. I was pleased that the gifts I gave (mostly purchased at REI and the Texas Book Festival) were appreciated. I liked the gifts I  received, which were mainly literary or electronic. On Saturday I shopped at some of Houston's best specialty stores, including Murder by the Book, Texas Art Supply, and Tennis Express.

On Christmas Day, I saw the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still in IMAX. The new movie has a few positives (the cool computer-generated Gort, Jennifer Connelly's lovely presence) but overall is an inferior film to the original. I'm not sure I would have even understood the plot had I not seen the Michael Rennie version. And, stunningly, the new version omits the famous line "Klaatu Barada Nikto".

On Monday I was far happier seeing Bolt in 3D. The computer-animated film is about a girl and her dog, both stars of an adventure TV series, who get separated and try to find each other. It's a clever road film with compelling characters, lots of humor, and intelligent use of 3D. And as a bonus, a good new 3D Pixar short film is shown before Bolt. I give this a strong recommendation.

I've been visiting with friends and taking care of household tasks this week. Tonight I'm going to a friend's New Year's Eve Party. Tomorrow I'll eat my traditional good luck black eyed peas and buy some fonts on sale from my favorite foundry.  Friday I return to work.
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I took the Fridays off to extend my weekends. Monday though is not too promising.

Glad you had a great time. Wish we were closer to Austin as we would like to go to movies with you.

Pet Fred for us and have a GREAT New Year!