atcampbell (atcampbell) wrote,

Post-Thanksgiving Update

I spent most of the holiday weekend in the Houston area, visiting family and friends. On Thursday I had the traditional turkey dinner with my mother and brother, and we watched sports afterward. Friday I visited favorite bookstores. The trip to Bedrock City, my old comics shop, was wonderful. Less successful was my visit to Murder by the Book, where the employees were oddly distracted.  Saturday was a day trip to the Texas Renaissance Festival with kgkofmel  and markbhall. The festival was fun but rainy, and we ran across familiar Houston fans all day.

It's been a busy week at work. We're trying to accomplish some end-of-the-year milestones, and we have a pretty aggressive schedule to get there. Two new employees started at my company this week, so I'm no longer the new guy.

My book club last night had its largest attendance in years: 17 people. No one was there for the first time, but all the regulars and most occasional attendees were there. It was probably some combination of luck, the book (Kitty and the Midnight Hour), and that we were picking new books for the reading schedule. The book was generally well-received, and we picked a diverse group of books to read well into next year.

My first Xmas card arrived on Monday, so I guess the holiday season is upon us. I've already done a bit of shopping, but I need to start on my Christmas cards soon.

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